UPDATE: Where in the world is Francesca O’Hop?!

Apologies for my absence from this site. I owe my readers an explanation.

To answer the above question: I was in London, for my semester abroad. I was doing a script writing program with NYU London, where the goal was to write a feature. However, due to COVID-19, NYU sent us all back to our homes. So I am currently back in America, with my family.

This whole situation has sent my life into a general state of turmoil, and I feel horribly about the way I’ve neglected my readers. To make it up to you, since the dust is finally settling and I have more time to write, I will provide a schedule for the next few articles and updates.

After the Neverland Episode 5 Analysis, I will try my best to stick to a regular schedule.

In the meantime, please be safe, take care of your loved ones, and stay healthy! I wish everyone the best in this trying time, but we will come out on top of this.