About Us

“I’ve been interested in Korean Pop Music since I was fifteen years old, and it was ultimately the catalyst for my interest in filmmaking. I started absorbing and learning everything I could, so that I could not only learn how to become a better filmmaker, but become a better critic as well. I wanted to learn what makes K-Pop so fascinating, why it gets such a wide audience. But I found it hard to do research on the filmmaking behind it, and was forced to analyze on my own and come to my own conclusions about the choices each filmmaker or group made about their videos.

Fast forward a few years, and I start attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a Film and Television major. At this point I had four years worth of internships under my belt, and a whole lot of practice making music videos. I used K-Pop as my inspiration for everything, from the shots I got to the scripts I was writing. One of my professors suggested I take all of the things I had learned, everything I had to say, and put it into a blog so that other people could read my ideas. I decided to cover each video individually, so that anyone who reads can see exactly what makes each music video worthwhile. That way, I can cover as many bands as I want, from all sorts of record companies, and shed light on how each one is its own individual experience.”

– Francesca O’Hop, Founder

Francesca O’Hop – Founder

Francesca specializes in video editing, writing, and design. She is a graduate of the Film and Television Studies program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, class of 2021. She has extensive experience in the film and TV industry, including as Post-Production Coordinator for Discovery’s “The Dirt” and TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”; researcher for documentary production company 4th Act Factual; and on-commission editor for several nonprofits. She is also an award-winning screenwriter for her feature “Black Ocean”, her pilot “The Wild Hunt,” and her short “Phases of the Moon.”

Hailing from the DC area, Francesca’s interests include politics, especially women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, ethnic diversity, and mental health awareness. Francesca is half-Chilean, half-Polish, and a fluent Spanish speaker, as well as a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community herself.

Francesca loves all K-Pop bands equally, but has a particular soft spot for Super Junior, VIXX, and Dreamcatcher.


“As a self-dubbed K-pop fan of roughly 3 years, I fell into the alluring hole like any other victim: through the art of the music video. Being an acting student currently studying at NYU Tisch School of the Arts like our glorious Founder, I have grown up on performances and the magic an entertainer can bring to their craft. Witnessing the complicated choreographies, intense vocals and glamorous aesthetics of K-pop’s music videos, I found K-Pop to be no exception and it was hard for me not to become completely enraptured! After a fateful incident of meeting the Founder and friend Francesca, I have grown more knowledgeable of the world of K-pop and soon found myself being ask to participate with some hot takes of my own! I hope to broaden my knowledge even further and have some fun writing along the way!”

-Erika Corcoran, Author

Erika Corcoran – Author

Erika is an acting student at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Born in California, Erika has also lived in Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia and New York, which she currently calls home. She has been in several O’Hop Productions, as well as stage managed for the Newport Theatre Arts Center’s production of The Gin Game. When she is not working on her studies, she can be found drawing, writing or watching anime. Her favorite k-pop groups include BTS, Mamamoo, GOT7 and the soloist Taemin. Currently, she has her eye on the newly debuted DPR Ian.